Outsell Named a Top Marketing Solution for Automotive Dealers

Outsell announced today that its multi-channel marketing platform won the 2017 Automotive Website Award (AWA) in the Marketing Solutions category.

The Automotive Website Awards, created by PCG Companies, took place at the National Automotive Dealers Association (NADA) Convention on January 27, 2017. The award show presented 37 awards to the best website and technology products on the market for car dealers. For more information about the winners of the 2017 AWAs, please visit http://www.awa.autos.

“Winning products in the marketing solutions category are those that we believe can help dealers to sell more cars in a digital age, as they are designed to increase the sales opportunities that dealers can have with in-market shoppers,” said Brian Pasch, Founder, PCG Companies. “We want to congratulate Outsell for winning an Automotive Website Award for its multi-channel marketing platform, and look forward to the company’s continued innovation throughout 2017.”

“It is an honor to receive this respected industry award and we want to thank PCG Companies for recognizing Outsell as a leading marketing solution for automotive dealers,” said Michael Wethington, President and CEO of Outsell. “I am extremely proud of our development teams at Outsell that work diligently to create leading solutions that help our dealer customers gain greater insights into their customers’ needs, improve overall engagement, and ultimately drive sales.”

Outsell is a multi-channel marketing automation platform that manages millions of interactions every month for dealers representing all major automotive brands. It incorporates the industry’s first machine-learning based predictive analytics solution for dealerships that automatically harnesses data to better identify, connect with, and market smarter to a dealer’s entire customer database. Outsell gives dealers the flexibility to customize communications that reflect and align with their brand’s marketing initiatives, and as a result, dealers are experiencing impressive returns of 9x to 30x on their Outsell investment.

About the Automotive Website Awards
Since 2008, the Automotive Website Awards have provided car dealers with an independent review of automotive technology. PCG, the creator of the awards program, is a recognized leader in dealership education, consulting, and in-depth product research. PCG provides dealers with vendor-neutral recommendations to help improve process and increase profits.


Outsell Launches New Features at NADA

Outsell launched several new features intended to help auto dealers gain more insight into customer needs and deepen engagement:

buyerscout consumer view

  • Single Consumer View: Outsell’s platform now offers a way for dealers to view everything they know about a customer in one place – not just name and contact info, but current vehicle, service and sales history, and engagement with past marketing campaigns.
  • Automated Review Solicitation: 70 percent of car buyers are influenced by online dealership reviews. Outsell Reputation Management, an add-on to the platform, now gives dealers the ability to automatically request reviews from customers, and guide them through the process of posting those reviews.
  • CDK Integration: CDK is a popular Dealer Management System (DMS) used by many Outsell Outsell has been accepted as a CDK integration partner and is working on a certified integration with CDK, ensuring quick, simple and secure connections and data sharing.

Also new at the show is Outsell Social Ads – announced Jan. 23, it helps dealers reach the unreachable in their database, attract new buyers to their store, and keep active in-market shoppers engaged with relevant, eye-catching ads on the most popular social platform – Facebook.

“All these new enhancements are designed to help simplify the process of engaging consumers across channels and individualizing offers and content for auto dealers’ customers, including reaching customers via their preferred channel,” said Bryan Harwood, Outsell’s CTO. “Outsell makes auto dealers lives easier by helping them gain insights into customer needs and then send timely, relevant information designed to get them into the dealership for sales and service. We’re looking forward to showing off these new features, including our new Outsell Social Ads solution, at this year’s NADA Convention.”

To learn more about Outsell’s newest features, visit www.outsell.com or stop by the Outsell Booth #5430 at the NADA Convention & Expo.


Outsell Convenes Customer Advisory Board at NADA

Outsell convened its first-ever Customer Advisory Board (CAB) meeting at the NADA Convention & Expo, taking place in New Orleans from Jan. 26-29.

Outsell’s CAB is comprised of seven Outsell dealer customers representing major auto brands and varying dealer sizes. Its mission is to ensure that Outsell maintains a deep understanding of dealers’ marketing challenges and needs so that it can continue to provide the most effective marketing automation solutions.

Led by Outsell Vice President of Marketing Valerie Vallancourt with participation from Outsell founder and CEO Mike Wethington and other senior Outsell executives, the CAB will meet in-person annually and via telephone an additional three times a year.

One CAB participant, Kristy Elliott, Executive Manager at Sunshine Chevrolet, said:

“The Outsell platform has become an integral part of our overall marketing process. I welcomed the opportunity to participate in Outsell’s Customer Advisory Board, because it gives me a chance to network with peers from other dealerships, and to have an impact on Outsell’s product direction.”

“Outsell has an active customer success team that works closely with our dealers day in and day out to make sure we are in touch with their current needs and wants, but we didn’t have a format in which dealers could discuss challenges and solutions with one another,” said Vallancourt. “Our CAB provides that format, and that interaction among dealers will help Outsell to get a deeper understanding of what they really need from a marketing automation standpoint, so we can continue to be a valued partner.”

At the inaugural meeting at NADA, Outsell CAB participants will each have the opportunity to present a short case study on how they currently use Outsell solutions, after which Vallancourt will facilitate a discussion on their other marketing automation needs. Outsell will also share its 2017 product roadmap and solicit feedback from dealers. Guest speaker David Kain, President of Kain Automotive, will address, “Current and Future State of Digital Marketing in the Auto Industry.” The meeting will be capped with a cocktail reception and dinner at a popular New Orleans restaurant.

To learn more about Outsell’s marketing automation platform for auto dealers, visit www.outsell.com or stop by the Outsell Booth #5430 at the NADA Convention & Expo.


Outsell Social Ads now available

Outsell launched today a new addition to its marketing automation platform that helps dealers engage customers via social media. An add-on to its flagship platform, Outsell Social Ads helps dealers reach the unreachable in their database, attract new buyers to their store, and keep active in-market shoppers engaged with relevant, eye-catching ads on the world’s most popular social platform – Facebook. Outsell will demonstrate Outsell Social Ads for the first time at the upcoming NADA Convention & Expo, taking place in New Orleans from Jan. 26-29, 2017.

Research has shown that 87 percent of auto buyers research potential car purchases on social media prior to making a decision[1], and Facebook is the most popular social media network among car buyers – 84 percent of them use it[2]. Because it’s an app, no ad blockers are in use on Facebook, making it an attractive option for advertisers.

Outsell Social Ads integrates with dealers’ Outsell campaigns to:

  • Reach the unreachables in their database
  • Keep active shoppers engaged
  • Acquire and engage net-new prospects
  • Entice lapsed service customers back to their service bays

It is the only such offering for dealers that provides Database Targeting (DMS and CRM), Retargeting, Conquest (identifying net-new customers), Cross-Channel Optimization and Service/Fixed Ops Campaigns.

“Virtually every dealer we work with is actively looking for better ways to leverage social media to reach their consumers,” said Bryan Harwood, Outsell’s CTO. “We worked hard to come up with an easy-to-use solution that leverages data dealers may not be taking advantage of, combining it with Outsell’s predictive models to identify buyers, find them on Facebook, and serve them targeted, relevant offers. This is really valuable because often these are customers who aren’t reachable via traditional email campaigns.”

“While Facebook can be a great marketing tool for auto dealers, there has been a lack of easy-to-use tools to help them get started,” said Brian Pasch, Founder of PCG Companies. “Outsell Social Ads provides the structure, guidance, and analytics that dealers need to get measurable results from Facebook ad campaigns.”

Outsell Social Ads is available now. To learn more, visit www.outsell.com or stop by the Outsell Booth #5430 at the NADA Convention & Expo.


[1] Crowdtap Study on Automotive Buying Behaviors, April 9, 2015

[2] 2013 study by Dealer.com and GfK Automotive Research


New Outsell VPs for People & Marketing

Outsell announced today that it has promoted Catherine Decker to Vice President of People and Valerie Vallancourt to Vice President, Marketing.

Decker was formerly Director, Human Resources at Outsell. Human Resources Magazine recently named her as one of five 2016 HR Rising Stars. At Outsell, she has launched several new HR programs and processes that have contributed to the company’s positive team culture and improved its bottom line, including Stay Interviews to increase retention and an Unlimited PTO policy.

Vallancourt was formerly Director, Marketing at Outsell. Since joining the company just over a year and a half ago, Vallancourt has transformed marketing, developing a demand generation engine and implementing new processes for lead generation and tracking, and more than doubling inbound lead flow while improving quality – helping the company exceed its sales goals.

“Both Catherine and Valerie have had a big impact on Outsell’s success, and we’re recognizing that today with their promotions,” said Mike Wethington, founder and CEO of Outsell. “They’ve stepped up with big ideas, have demonstrated great leadership abilities and are making contributions to our growth every day. I’m so pleased to make them a part of our senior management team.”


2017 Auto Dealer’s Guide to Customer Retention

Outsell announced today that it is hosting a webinar with Automotive News on the topic, “2017 Auto Dealer’s Guide To Customer Retention,” on Thursday, December 1, 2016 at 2:00 pm Eastern.

After many years of above average unit sales, automotive brands are approaching a potential steep sales decline in 2017. In this highly competitive market, the dealers poised to pull ahead are those that know how to keep the customers they have.

When it costs 7x more to acquire a new customer than to keep an existing one, customer retention is key. With the right mix of communication channels and individualized content, dealers can reduce customer attrition and stay top of mind when shoppers are ready to purchase again.

In this webinar, dealers will learn best practices directly from their peers on how to retain customers by:

  • Deploying a strong cadence of communications through online and offline channels
  • Capitalizing on their loyalty programs
  • Maximizing customer satisfaction through reputation management
  • Utilizing dynamic, behaviorally targeted customer retention campaigns

Who:                     Panelists: Billy Frank, General Manager at Clear Lake Infiniti; Ed Borg, Digital Marketing Manager at Hennessy Automobile Companies; Michele Hall, E-Commerce Director, Lawrence Hall Auto Group, and Valerie Vallancourt, Vice President of Marketing at Outsell. Moderator: Jim Treece, News Editor at Automotive News.

What:                   2017 Auto Dealer’s Guide To Customer Retention

Where:                Your computer

When:                  Thursday, December 1, 2016 from 2:00 pm – 3:00 pm Eastern

How:                     To register for the free event or if you have questions, please visit:

Webinar Registration Link
Email powerTRAINING@autonews.com

Outsell’s customer engagement platform popular option for automotive dealers seeking to increase relevancy and timeliness of marketing messages

Outsell announced a strong third quarter performance, as dealers increasingly turn to Outsell to help them individualize digital marketing communications, proactively manage their reputation on social media, and detect which buyers are currently in market for a vehicle.

Outsell continued to invest heavily in enhancements to Outsell Fuel, its customer engagement platform that manages millions of consumer interactions every month for thousands of dealers representing all major automotive brands. One of the major initiatives driving results for Outsell’s clients has been enhancements to Outsell’s Machine Learning capabilites. Machine Learning, an Artificial Intelligence technique employed by companies like Amazon, Target and Facebook to analyze massive quantities of consumer data in order to provide highly targeted experiences and product suggestions to their customers, is at the core of Outsell’s platform. Outsell is the first company to bring this type of capability to the automotive industry.

This past quarter, Outsell finalized certification in the Reynolds Certified Interface (RCI) program, ensuring the safe, secure and reliable transfer of data for marketing purposes between a Reynolds & Reynolds dealership management system (DMS) and Outsell’s digital marketing platform, Outsell Fuel. Outsell also released Social Display Advertising functionality, as well as launching an eAppend service for dealers to purchase. Fuel Gauge 2.0 which offers enhanced program reporting for dealerships, was also released in Q3.

“The Outsell Platform has become known as a must-have for auto dealers that want to better target and engage with their customers and reach their sales goals,” said Mike Wethington, CEO of Outsell. “With 2017 fast approaching, auto dealers are preparing their strategic marketing plans and budgets while thinking of ways to move the needle on their marketing efforts. We’re looking forward to working with innovative dealers across the country to bring them new ways to enhance their marketing with predictive analytics, buyer detection, cross-channel integration, dynamic targeting and results attribution.”

Other company highlights and accomplishments for Q3 2016 include:

  • Outsell BuyerScout® was selected as one of five finalists for the Driving Sales Executive Summit 2016 Innovation Cup Contest Award. Winners will be announced in Las Vegas on October 25, 2016.
  • Hosted a webinar with Automotive News, Kain Automotive and Outsell’s customers Sunshine Chevrolet and Clear Lake Infiniti on how dealerships can maximize their marketing budget returns.
  • Participated in two speaking sessions on customer engagement strategies at Digital Dealer 21 Conference.
  • Expanded its office space by adding a second floor to its operations in Capella Tower in Minneapolis.

For more information about Outsell’s award-winning customer engagement platform, please visit: https://www.outsell.com/dealers/.


Company to demonstrate new features at Driving Sales Executive Summit, taking place Oct. 23-25 in Las Vegas

Outsell launched today its new Dynamic Content feature for its Outsell Fuel platform that takes targeted email to the next level. Outsell’s new proprietary machine-learning algorithms anticipate consumer wants and needs, such as which vehicles they are most likely to purchase, and then automatically serve up content that fits each individual’s interest. The company will demonstrate Dynamic Content at the Driving Sales Executive Summit (DSES), taking place Oct. 23-25 at the Bellagio in Las Vegas.

Traditionally, email-marketing solutions segment customers into similar groups and personalize content for a segment, but not for individuals.

“The ability to serve up dynamic content on an individual basis is a ‘holy grail’ of sorts for marketers,” said Bryan Harwood, CTO of Outsell. “We’ve cracked the code on delivering that capability with powerful new machine-learning algorithms that we developed in house. As of today, Outsell customers will have Dynamic Content capabilities for email and web content as part of their SaaS platform. In the coming months, we’ll add it for social media as well, and also add the ability to generate dynamic offers.”

Outsell’s Dynamic Content feature enables auto dealers to:

  • Serve specific content to individual consumers – both copy and imagery;
  • Boost response rates and ultimately sales due to more personalized and relevant model content; and
  • Present web/mobile shoppers with pre-populated lead forms that improve completion rates up to 36 percent.

Once a dealer activates Outsell’s Dynamic Content feature and adds a customer or customer list to Outsell Fuel, the process of personalizing and sending offers is completely automated.

At DSES, Outsell will also demonstrate its Outsell eAppend service, which can help dealers increase their email addressable database by 35 percent, ensure that email addresses are valid, and improve program results.

Outsell also announced that its BuyerScout buyer detection solution is a finalist for the DSES Innovation Cup, which recognizes the most innovative solutions in automotive marketing. Outsell’s CTO Bryan Harwood will make his presentation to the Innovation Cup judges on Oct. 24 at 1:40 pm in the Bellagio Ballroom.

Outsell will be exhibiting at DSES. To schedule an appointment at the show, email info@outsell.com.

To learn more about Dynamic Content, Outsell eAppend or BuyerScout, visit www.outsell.com.

David Kain and Outsell dealer customers join webinar to discuss new marketing initiatives to close out a successful 2016 and strategies to plan ahead for 2017

Outsell announced today that it will sponsor a free one-hour webinar hosted by Automotive News on the topic, “Maximize Marketing Budget Returns to Rock 2017” on Tuesday, September 27, 2016 at 2:00 p.m. Eastern.

With 2017 just around the corner, the time is rapidly approaching for dealers to evaluate their marketing budgets for the year. With a multitude of initiatives competing for a limited pool of dollars, it’s a good idea for dealers to take a hard look at their marketing strategy as a whole.

Join David Kain, President, Kain Automotive Inc.; Kristy Elliott, Executive Manager, Sunshine Chevrolet; Billy Frank, General Manager, Clear Lake Infiniti; and Valerie Vallancourt, Director of Marketing, Outsell, as they discuss marketing initiatives that will prove to be the most successful to finish out 2016, and options to invest in for 2017.

During this webinar, the panel of dealers and industry experts will discuss:

  • Marketing initiatives that delivered the best return for dealers.
  • The newest marketing technologies and benefits for dealerships.
  • The criteria to evaluate digital marketing vendors.
  • An overview of what dealers should be thinking about from a strategic marketing perspective.

Speakers: David Kain, President, Kain Automotive Inc.; Kristy Elliott, Executive Manager, Sunshine Chevrolet; Billy Frank, General Manager, Clear Lake Infiniti; and Valerie Vallancourt, Director of Marketing, Outsell: Phil Nussel, Online Editor, Automotive News

Maximize Marketing Budget Returns to Rock 2017

Your computer

Tuesday, September 27, 2016 from 2:00 – 3:00 p.m. Eastern

To register for the free event or if you have questions, please visit:

Webinar Registration Link
Email powerTRAINING@autonews.com



New Outsell Fuel features gives boost to digital marketing campaigns for auto dealers

Outsell announced today that Q2 2016 proved to be another successful quarter. This past quarter, Outsell continued to add more exclusive new features to its multi-channel customer engagement platform which helped overachieve the sales plan and increase overall company growth.

Outsell introduced enhancements to Outsell Fuel, its customer engagement platform that manages millions of consumer interactions every month for dealers nationwide representing all major automotive brands. In line with their strategic position that promotes an open ecosystem, Outsell expanded its Outsell Connect framework, gaining certification from Reynolds & Reynolds and building more integrations to all dealer CRM systems. These integrations further position Outsell as a central platform that enables dealers to reach out to individual customers and prospects throughout their lifecycle directly from the systems they use every day.

“The Outsell Platform continues to be a popular and lucrative solution for auto dealers across the nation who are seeking to create more effective engagements with prospects and customers across their individual lifecycles,” said Mike Wethington, CEO of Outsell. “Once again I’m impressed with the talented group of Outsell employees that continue to bring our dealer customers new and creative digital marketing features and analytic functionality to help them stay competitive in the auto industry.”

Other Outsell highlights and accomplishments for Q2 2016 included:

  • Participated at the 2016 Dealer Marketing Strategies Conference.
  • Hotsted a panel discussion with PCG Companies and Chevrolet dealer customer at the New England Digital Dealer Workshop.
  • Star Tribune named Outsell one of the 2016 Top Workplaces in Minnesota.
  • HR Executive Magazine selected Catherine Decker, Director of Human Resources as a “2016 HR Rising Star.”
  • Announced the promotion of Guy Super to Vice President of Sales.

In addition, Outsell and agency partner DSplus’ 2015 Toyota Camry Launch digital marketing campaign won two high-profile awards in Q2. To date, the 2015 Toyota Camry Launch campaign has earned a total of eleven international marketing and advertising awards and honors.

For more information about Outsell’s award-winning customer engagement platform, please visit: https://www.outsell.com/dealers/