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Social Impact: 8 Tips to Manage Your Online Reputation – at Digital Dealer 20

Bryan Harwood, Chief Technology Officer at Outsell, will be presenting next week at Digital Dealer 20 on Social Impact: 8 Tips to Manage Your Online Reputation.

Primary Learning Objectives:

  • Understand how social media tools can help you successfully identify and respond to online reviews.
  • Learn how to manage your online reputation and address customer reviews.
  • Gain a better understanding of social media marketing response management and social/review site best practices.

Session Description:
In 2016 the focus on social media marketing will be on response management and general social and review site best practices, including reputation management and responding to online/social reviews. This presentation will explain the social media tools available that can help dealers identify and respond to online reviews, a task that can be very time consuming if done manually.

Session Time:
Thursday, 10:30am-11:20am

Speaker Bio:
Under Bryan Harwood’s direction and leadership, Outsell continues to evolve its robust customer engagement platform by bringing innovative marketing solutions to the automotive industry and especially for the dealerships that can greatly benefit from their tools that will help them identify customers ready to buy, improve customer interactions and drive sales. Bryan Harwood is an innovative technology leader with a depth of experience building out data and transaction processing systems on a massive scale for global enterprises. At Outsell, Bryan leads the Development and Infrastructure team focusing on the development and scaling of the Outsell Fuel Customer Engagement Platform.

Be sure and stop by Outsell’s booth as well, Booth 919, and check out more events we’ll be attending later this year right HERE.