Ryan Linn has been nominated as an Outsell Transformer!


Ryan Linn from the Campaigns Operations team has been nominated by Heather Elliott for exemplifying the Outsell Value QUALITY

“Ryan is solid. He reminds me of the turtle in the story The Tortoise and the Hare. Sure, the hare will get the work done faster but the turtle will get it done RIGHT. Ryan never rushes his work. He always makes sure it’s as close to perfect before he is done. He always remembers all the little things that we have to do. His thoroughness is amazing.” – Heather Elliott

Thank you, Ryan, for going above and beyond! Learn more about Ryan in his previous nomination for LEARNING ON THE FLY and DRIVE FOR RESULTS.

Outsell Transformers – Outsell Associates who go above and beyond exemplifying the Outsell Values and Core Competencies. Learn more about the Outsell Values here.