4 Tips to Make Social Work for You

Having a social media program is important for any business—interacting with customers is the cornerstone of making sales, whether in person, or in today’s modern age often through digital channels. Businesses seeking to make a mark on social and engage with customers effectively need to consider the following tips to be successful.

Post consistently
Whether you use a tool to schedule Facebook posts and tweets, or keep an editorial calendar to remind you of what is getting posted on YouTube next week, posting on your channels of choice consistently is what keeps your brand at the front of consumer minds.

Utilize Facebook Advertising
Facebook ads have seen huge success, since you can tailor your ads to specific audiences, choose your budget, and also choose your timeframe. Not yet convinced? Read some of the success stories.

Monitor and Respond to Reviews
Reputation management is huge when the smallest negative comment online can effect whether or not future customers choose your brand. Make sure you’re keeping track of reviews about your business online, and that you respond accordingly.

Learn from Social
Most importantly, engaging with social channels and keeping track of consumer response to your brand teaches you more and more each time about who your customers are and how they think, making it easier to target them in the future and attract them to your brand again and again.

Remember, 25% of all time spent online is on Facebook and other social networks. Make sure you have a social presence and that you’re using the options available to you to make your social program a success.

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