Outsell Dessert Bake-Off 2013

Last December the Outsell Caring Committee helped sponsor our first annual Chili Cook-Off, pitting Outsell cooks against each other in various chili categories, and allowing votes to come in cash. Each dollar offered as a vote was then gathered and given to the Caring Committee to support our charities.

Well, we’ve done it again! This past Friday, March 29, 2013, we hosted our first Bake-Off. With four categories—Chocolate, Vanilla, Fruity, and Vegan—it was a very successful (and delicious!) event. The Bake-Off motto?

Cheating is acceptable and the judges can be bought!

There were many scrumptious entries (and even some leftovers after the Easter weekend), but the winners of each category were as follows:

Chocolate Winner – Amy Van Schepen, Yummy Scrumptious Deliciousness, 38 votes

Vanilla Winner – Heather Elliot, Rum Cake, 26 votes

Fruity Winner – Jason Vosu, Fruit Ninja Pudel Strudel, 36 votes

Vegan Winner – Natalia Melendez, Vegan Pineapple Upside Down Cake, 16 votes

That gives us Amy as our grand champion, the queen of desserts!

Congratulations to everyone! And the real winners once again are our wonderful charities that we support. With this year’s Bake-Off we were able to raise $199!

See photos of the event on our Facebook Page.

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