Outsell Innovation: Kyle Wilson, Campaign Operations

Kyle Wilson has been nominated by Jon Petron for Outsell Innovation!

In truth, there are actually two innovations to recognize. Emails sent from Outsell’s Campaign Operations go out to 1000+ dealers, each containing around 10 to 20 links. On average that ends up being several thousand links that have to be checked manually, which is a long process prone to occasional human error and oversight.

The initial tool Kyle created goes to every landing page that needs QA, grabs all the links, and along with the content of the link, finds out where they go and then takes screenshots of the page it is redirected to. A simple web application allows our COPS associates to quickly page through the images and see if everything is going where they expect.

This tool allows for expansion of capabilities as time goes on, for many additional uses, including a chat audit tool that makes sure our clients’ chat code is working correctly. Kyle was able to reuse most of the code from his QA tool to make sure our Live Chat buttons are working on dealer websites. The process of checking Live Chat button functionality, which used to take days, now takes only 5 minutes.

Kyle’s tools ensure that campaigns and chat functionality for all Outsell clients are working as they should, and in a significantly shorter amount of time, for an easier, faster, and smarter product. Thank you for the innovation, Kyle, and for your help to make Outsell and our products more efficient!

Kyle Wilson – Campaign Operations

HTML & CSS Markup Warrior

Hometown: Minneapolis, MN

School: University of Minnesota, Political Science

Worked in politics before returning to first love of computers

Fun Facts:
Ran for Minnesota Senate in 61st District

Avid cyclist willing to brave -20 degree temperatures

Loves silly projects; web-based automatic cat feeder is a recent highlight

Will rock your world at Street Fighter