Litded Davis “Donates” $100 to Outsell Caring Committee

Congratulations Litded on being the FIRST technology offender in Bart’s Room!

One of the meeting rooms in Outsell’s new space in the Capella Tower was dubbed “Bart’s Room” in honor of former Outsell COO Bart Greenwood who passed away in 2009, and is intended as a sanctuary from technology. Using technology of any kind in “Bart’s Room” results in a fine of $100 to the Outsell Caring Committee charities.


Litded was discovered on her cell phone in “Bart’s Room” by Outsell CEO Mike Wethington, and while $90 of the payment was mysteriously paid for on Litded’s behalf the next day, she showed up not only with $100 in hand, but in the form of an over-sized check.


Thanks for the great charitable spirit, Litded!

Her response:

“Yay, I’m finally first at something!”

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