Ford Uses Mixed Media to Make Their 2013 Model Year Shine

The model year hasn’t been standard across car makers for some time, but is staggered with one make and model getting to shine for one brief window at a time. Some 2013 models will be available for the summer, while others won’t be out until later in the year.

Redesigns seem to be a common theme among models carrying over for the 2013 model year, and not surprisingly the focus seems to be on smaller fuel-efficient vehicles like the redesigned 2013 Ford Fusion. Consumers want small sporty looking cars that get as much as possible out of the engine.

So with several car makers giving sleek and economical models their shining moment, how does a dealership make sure their model is the one to shine brightest?

Using the Fusion as the example, Ford has taken their social media prowess to a new level with a campaign led by Ryan Seacrest called “Random Acts of Fusion.”

“We are taking a completely unique approach to introduce the new Fusion with a transmedia program, launching this transformational vehicle that over-delivers with its distinctive blend of style, intelligence and technology,” said Jim Farley, Ford group vice president, Marketing, Sales & Service. “Combining social media, entertainment and unexpected consumer experiences will allow us to connect with audiences through every type of media, making Fusion’s profile larger than ever.”


Ford’s campaign will continuously touch consumers before and after the vehicle’s launch, letting the Fusion’s ‘shining moment’ last well into the end of the calendar year.

Looking more locally, individual dealers can use their digital marketing efforts to introduce new models. Consumers consistently click on email campaigns about new inventory and special offers more than anything else, and the new model year is the time to push that to the fullest.

Make sure your campaigns are guiding potential buyers to the new model year specials and vehicles you want them to see. The right message at the optimal time—NOW.