Outsell's Automotive Email Campaigns Drives Sales & Reduces Spend
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Auburn VW Case Study

Outsell helped boost sales by 60+ vehicles per year while reducing marketing spend

“The customization we get with Outsell is fantastic, and I love that Outsell automates follow up. Even if we do nothing, our customers and prospects still get high-quality, relevant communications that aren’t overly sales-y.”

-Matthew Welch, Owner and General Manager, Auburn VW


Based in Auburn (just outside Seattle), Auburn VW is one of the largest Volkswagen dealers in the state of Washington. Owner and general manager Matthew Welch had tried several digital marketing tools, but found them difficult to use and lacking the personalization features he wanted.
Welch wanted to move beyond mass blasts in order to lower opt-out rates and build stronger relationships with customers, but none of the tools he tried could localize content, track results, and automate next steps based on consumer behavior.


Send personalized offers to customers via email, track results, and automate follow up based on consumer behavior
Lower email opt-out rates
Automate email newsletters and other ongoing campaigns – “set it and forget it”


Welch learned about Outsell from a colleague at another VW dealership and decided to give it a try. Outsell had all the personalization and automation features Welch wanted, plus Outsell’s unique buyer detection solution that helps salespeople understand who is currently in market so they can prioritize their follow up appropriately.
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Outsell helped Auburn VW sell an additional 60+ vehicles

Reduced time spent on email marketing by 75%

Replaced two other point solutions, so overall marketing tech expenses reduced