Buyer Detection

BDC and sales teams are alerted to in-market shoppers and directed to their individual consumer profiles, complete with online and offline engagement history.

Consumer Profiles

Each consumer profile created by Outsell includes the individual consumer’s current lifecycle stage, contact information, insight into shopping behavior, even vehicles shopped, serving you the information you want just like we serve your customers and prospects the content and engagement experience they want.

A rich data repository on every consumer all in one place, these profiles are complete with online and offline engagement history and AI-assisted recommendations to help your BDC and sales teams start the conversation the right way.

Consumer Activity History

The high-level view of each consumer profile shows a wide variety of information, and the engagement history goes even deeper. At a glance, each month going back from the start of the consumer’s engagement displays simple to understand icons showing opens, clicks, form submissions, which specific content or link the consumer engaged with, including direct mail, as well as linked sales and service visits.

The engagement history can be expanded upon by month to see the specifics of any sales or service activity and which engagement points led to that conversion.

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Within the Outsell platform, Find an Opportunity filters allow you to see the consumers you are most interested in pursuing for lease end, propensity to engage, likely shoppers, and lapsed servicers. On-Demand capabilities extend these filters to include Move a Model, Similar Payments, and Find a Trade-in/Equity Finder. Each of these options can be further filtered by Buyer Detection score, consumer name, lifecycle stage, whether they are an owner, lessee, or prospect, and what vehicle they own.

CRM Connect Plus

Starting with VinSolutions and expanding soon to all major systems, CRM Connect Plus pushes relevant information about consumers from the Outsell platform into the database your salespeople work in most – your CRM. These automated updates on consumer behavior provide actionable insights at your fingertips.

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