Get The Most Out Of Your Outsell Platform

Insight Specialists

Outsell’s dedicated Insight team helps brands to understand their market and effectively direct their branding and communications strategies. Our experienced and motivated analytics specialists focus on leading edge data mining techniques and leverage technology to work with your program’s resources, ensuring that the latest innovations are being implemented to maximize your customer engagement and sales results.

Optimized Communications

Outsell is experienced in providing advanced analytics including predictive models, segmentation, along with A/B and multivariate campaign optimization to our clients to deliver the most relevant offers, creative & messages, in the right channel, and the right time to customers who are most likely to respond. Our Tier 1-3 online and offline data warehouse and single customer view is used for optimization analytics.

Predictive Modeling: Drives selection of customers/prospects for each marketing communication. Models are developed using the power of our single customer view including offline, online, and 3rd party data sources. Model scores can be combined to develop a complete picture of customer propensity.

Model Scoring and Refresh: Our analytics tools allow flexibility to score your customer database with any of our models. We rescore customers regularly as part of our ongoing optimization process. Each customer behavior that we record across all of our channels is a valuable input into our predictive models and scoring algorithms that drive targeted and relevant communications.

Segmentation: Outsell utilizes a Multichannel customer segmentation approach through all touch-points to support a consistent customer experience. Consumers are segmented using advanced analytics techniques.

Incremental ROI

Outsell measures ROI utilizing a treated vs. control group methodology. Consumers entering our database are randomly assigned to either the treated or control group using a random number generator. Our control groups are held at the enterprise level spanning all channels and campaigns. We measure all of our programs with a 95%+ level of confidence and adjust the size of the control group on an ongoing basis to optimize “treatment” vs. control while still maintaining our standards for 95+% confidence.

Multivariate Testing (Optimization through Testing)

Outsell has strong capabilities in A/B and Multivariate testing. We test several elements of customer communications on an ongoing basis to continually optimize campaign performance regardless of channel. When conducting a test, only a portion of your audience is subjected to the variable elements, so testing is relatively low risk. A/B and Multivariate testing is a proven optimization strategy that can drastically improve campaign performance and impact your marketing ROI. Testing is a continuous process, and we use these findings to optimize future communications.

Multi-Tiered Architecture

The Outsell Fuel™ Platform’s robust multi-tiered architecture is designed to address the multi-dimensional data requirements needed to execute cross-channel marketing campaigns.

Unified Cross-Tier Database

Outsell creates a unified brand data warehouse that contains an accurate, timely and comprehensive customer behavioral data across all the channels and tiers of a large automotive organization to drive optimum Marketing ROI. The combination of behavioral, demographic, psychographic, online, offline and  transactional data into a single database enables you to easily segment and target your audience, personalize content and leverage cross-channel behavioral triggers to orchestrate sophisticated multi-wave campaigns and test and track performance.

Data Hygiene

Your customers are constantly on the move and staying connected is an enormous challenge. Accurate data is essential to controlling costs and getting your message heard. Outsell helps marketers stay in touch with customers using industry-leading data hygiene solutions, and data appends that expand what you know. Verify, correct and enhance multi-channel contact information, maximizing customer data accuracy across marketing systems and throughout your enterprise.

Data Implementation

Our implementation teams bring deep expertise in Consumer Data Integration technologies & techniques. Core competencies include:

  • Address Standardization
  • Data Hygiene
  • Merge/Purge & De-duplication
  • Multi-level audience definition
  • Data linked with customer transactions across all touch points
  • Data Appends
  • ETL
  • Data Analytics


Program Management

Outsell’s dedicated Program Management teams leverage the proven and proprietary Outsell Success Framework to work closely with our partners to ensure the success of the program. Strategic Alliance Directors and Managers are assigned to each brand and partner to enable complete organizational alignment and a smooth working relationship from the very start of the program.

Our Outsell Insight Team supports the program management teams by continuously mining data to deliver analytics and insights that improve program performance.

Customer Success Team

Outsell’s Customer Success Team works with individual dealers on an ongoing basis to ensure that all participating dealers are fully engaged with the program, and maximizes dealer retention by ensuring dealers understand the value of the program. The Customer Success Team maintains regular contact with dealers and decision makers, facilitating on-boarding to the program, reviewing program results, and sharing best practices. They keep the pulse of dealers on the program, and share that information to make sure that the dealers and the program are successful.

Monthly Communications & Program Support

Outsell has developed an engagement process with the dealers to ensure program knowledge, benefits and value.  Monthly dealer communication consists of campaign selection and customization, draft reviews, reminders, and launch of campaigns.  We take it a step further by providing dealers with monthly “insight” campaigns aimed at providing the dealer with digital best practices, testing findings, and insights into their customers’ behavior.

Campaign Production Expertise

Outsell works with Tier 1 and 2 agencies to assist in the development and execution of engaging dealer campaigns that maintain consistency from Tiers 1 through 3. We’re automotive marketing experts and it shows!

Creative Partners

Outsell can partner with the creative teams at agencies and manufacturers to develop cutting edge communications and award winning campaign programs. We can partner with or source graphic designers, copywriters and editing staff to design powerful messages that drive customer engagement and dealer profits.

Quality Assurance

Outsell’s QA staff diligently analyses the quality of dealer data and campaign customization using leading edge quality assurance techniques to ensure the delivery of consistently high quality campaigns.

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